Preliminary & Final Judicial Reports

Are you in need of a Judicial Report for a property in the state of Ohio? You can rely on Ohio Real Title Agency, LLC. In Ohio, all foreclosure actions must be supported by title insurance documents known as Judicial Reports, reflecting the name of the record owner, a legal description of the land, and a listing of all interests in the property that appear of record. With a comprehensive knowledge of the varying county-by-county rules and requirements that dictate the format and structure of Judicial Reports, Ohio Real Title Agency has processes in place to ensure your documentation is compliant. We have experience providing preliminary and final Judicial Reports for foreclosure attorneys representing homeowner’s associations, banks, counties and tax lien buyers for properties in all 88 counties across the state of Ohio. We offer a quick turnaround time of 48 to 72 hours, with reports delivered electronically and original hard copies sent out the same day.