Best practices for working with your title company

How To Get The Most From Your Title Company

June 18, 2024

In the world of real estate transactions, realtors and title companies are key players for ensuring a successful outcome for all parties involved. This collaboration is what guarantees every transaction is handled professionally, efficiently, and with the highest level of service for their clients.

But for realtors to get the most out of this partnership, it’s important to build a strong relationship with their chosen title company. Recently, we sat down with Janelle Keifer, title agent from Ohio Real Title (ORT) to get insights into how realtors and title companies can best work together and make the most out of every closing.  

1. Prioritize Communication 

    It’s crucial to find a title company that communicates in your preferred method, as you will rely on them to facilitate the closing process, prepare and file necessary documents, and provide accurate and timely information about the property’s title. Look for a title company with the systems in place capable of communicating regular updates, along with dedicated sales and marketing representatives, to maximize the efficiency of your real estate transactions. 

    2. Don’t Gatekeep Client Information

    Providing complete client information upfront is essential for a frictionless and efficient process. By including all necessary documents, such as trust paperwork, estate power of attorney, or LLC operating agreements, you can help expedite the transaction and minimize potential complications. When you work with Ohio Real Title (ORT), rest assured that your sensitive information will be securely safeguarded and never shared with unauthorized parties. 

    3. Share Feedback

        Share constructive feedback with the title company based on your collaborative experiences, highlighting areas for improvement and acknowledging their contributions to successful closings. Honest feedback can foster a smoother, more efficient, and more effective process for real estate transactions while also strengthening the partnership for the long haul. 

        4. Enter a Joint Venture 

          In the real estate industry, laws permit real estate professionals to be minority owners in title agencies, enabling them to act as partners in joint ventures. For realtors, these investments can be very beneficial and yield significant returns over the course of the year – but only if the title company is reliable. You ultimately need to feel comfortable handing over your business to them as an extension of your own. At ORT, we’re proud to offer this opportunity to realtors, and we currently have over 1,000 partners in Northeast Ohio and several hundred in Central Ohio. 

          Like any working relationship, the partnership between a realtor and a title company relies on communication, trust, and collaboration. Both parties bring unique skills to the table: realtors help clients find their dream homes, while title companies ensure that the property’s ownership is clear and legal. By sharing information and supporting each other throughout the process, they can provide top-notch service and make the home buying or selling experience as simple as possible for everyone involved. 

          For realtors, partnering with a reliable title company like Ohio Real Title can ensure smoother transactions and better service for your clients.  

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