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Why Columbus is a Hot Real Estate Market 

August 9, 2023

Why is the Columbus, Ohio real estate market booming?

Everywhere you look, Columbus is named one of the best places to live in the country. Why does the capital city continue to top the list? From Columbus’ cultural attractions like its robust metro parks system, art galleries, festivals, and Ohio State football (Go Bucks!) to the prospering job environment, which includes professional and business services (Intel, Nationwide), the education and health sector (The Ohio State University) and the food and beverage industry (Wendy‘s, White Castle) there is opportunity and accessibility for everyone.

Why Live In Columbus

Last month, Forbes ranked Columbus as a Top 5 city for young professionals for its employment and pay, housing affordability, lifestyle, and cost of living.

  • Median home price is $284,700 
  • Estimated monthly mortgage payment is $1,619 
  • Columbus’ median income is $45,023 
  • Unemployment rate is 3% 
  • Median age in Columbus is 36.2 (making the city an ideal place to work and socialize). 
Infographic on why Columbus is a hot real estate market.

If you decide that moving to Columbus is right for you, contact Ohio Real Title to help you prepare to close on your new home and secure what is likely your most significant investment.

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