Fall Home Preparation.

7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Fall

September 16, 2022

Welcome, fall! ‘Tis the season filled with pumpkin spice and everything nice. As the leaves begin falling and the weather cools down, it is all too easy to snuggle up in a warm flannel in front of a football game and leave all of your responsibilities to the wind. 

However as winter approaches, now is the time to bust out your to-do list in order to make the cold seasons all that much cozier and stress-free. Here are our 7 tips to prepare your home in the fall:

1. Prepare Your Interior

Be sure to insulate your home as much as possible. Consider investing in heavier drapes to cover windows, ensure there are no drafts due to damaged seals/caulking , and changing the temperature settings of your thermostat so you are not wasting so much on utilities trying to warm your home.

2. Prepare The Yard

To avoid freezing or rusting pipes and a multitude of other problems, take some time to fully drain your pipes and check downspouts for any obstruction. Direct them away from the home and other locations where running water is not ideal such as garages and walkways. 

3. Check Your Equipment

Do not forget to empty the fuel from your lawnmower and have the oil changed. Afterward, bring out the snowblower and fire it up so you know it is up and running before the first snowfall.

4. Quick Inspect

While you are out and about in the yard, it might not be a bad idea to do a quick inspection of the exterior of your property for damage to the siding, rot in trees that might put limbs or branches at risk of falling, and for any other issues worth addressing before it is too cold. This brief check and fix might save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars down the road.

5. Get Ahead of The Routine Tasks

While you are already in a productive mood, it is smart to get caught up on routine tasks and even get ahead. This could be cleaning/preparing your humidifiers, changing the batteries in the smoke detectors, or deep cleaning the garage. You will thank yourself later.

6. Think Spring

If you are someone who finds great joy in seeing tulips in the spring, then now is the time to prepare. By raking/fertilizing your lawn and planting bulbs, you can ensure that your yard is in good condition and make spring that much more rewarding after a long winter. 

7. Don’t Forget to Decorate

After you have bitten the bullet and checked off every pesky preparation task, now is the time to bust out the fuzzy socks and apple cinnamon candles and enjoy the season! Embrace all of the kitchy “Gathers” and “Its fall Y’all” signs. And, when the season is over, we recommend checking the clearance aisle for decor for the next year. These simple tips can help ensure that there are no unexpected surprises this winter.

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