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7 Moving Tips and Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

May 18, 2022

Getting ready to move into a new place is an exciting time, until you start to think about how many items you have to pack and prepare. Luckily, there are a few tips and hacks that can help to make your life – and your move – easier. 

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There is nothing worse than taking the time to pack and move something to your new home only to realize you don’t want or need it anymore. Now is the time to sell, donate, or just get rid of anything you don’t need. From cleaning out your closet to getting rid of old styles you no longer wear to purging old furniture that doesn’t fit in your new home. 

Pack Smart

The ease of moving has a lot to do with how you pack your belongings in the first place. It might sound counterintuitive but use smaller boxes to move. If boxes are too big, it probably means that at least two people will have to carry them. When things get put in them it gets much heavier and makes it awkward to carry up and down the stairs. 

Get Organized

Be sure to label the side of the boxes rather than the top so you know where they go in your new home even if they are stacked on top of each other. If you want to take your packing to the next level, color code your boxes so that there is no doubt where they go when unpacked.

A father and son getting organized for a move.

Be Prepared

Pack a ‘first-night essentials bag’ with the items you’ll need access to during your move and right after you’ve arrived at your new place, such as important documents, medications, chargers, basic toiletries, a couple of changes of clothes, etc. Your first night in your new home will be so much more relaxing if you don’t need to spend it hunting for your toothbrush. 


Put your clothes, linens, and towels to good use by using them to protect delicate household items. Instead of buying expensive packing paper, use items you already have to protect breakable items during the moving process. You are going to need to pack those towels and linens anyways, so it is a win-win situation. 

Keep it Simple

Leave your clothes on the hanger and either group them up and wrap them in large garbage bags or hang them in a wardrobe box. Not only does this moving hack ensure that your clothes do not get dirty in the moving process, but it also allows you to stick them right into your closet. This takes away the time of putting clothes back onto hangers which can take a lot of time.

A couple keeping things simple during a move.

Take a Picture

Don’t rely on your memory when it comes to your electronics and other items that need to be put back together at your new home. Take a picture of the back of your TV and other electronics to remember where all those wires go. While your electronics are still plugged in and operational, take a picture of them so you’ll remember how to set them back up later.

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