A home with a beautiful lawn and garden.

Lawn and Garden Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Fresh

April 11, 2022

Whether you are considering selling your home, or just want to make a great first impression on your guests, your lawn and garden play an important role. Landscaping is an investment that brings a big return from the increased value of your home to the simple enjoyment of a beautiful yard. 

Let’s look at a few lawn and garden tips to keep your home looking fresh. 

Start Simple

Clean up your garden and any flower beds around your home. There’s no need to add anything new, because really if it is messy no one is going to notice your new additions anyways.

Man mowing a well maintained lawn.

Mow and Water Your Lawn

There is really nothing worse for your guests (or neighbors) than grass that is consistently too long, patchy, or brown and wilted. Be sure to adjust the height of your mower according to the time of year – you will want to raise it in the summer and then lower it back at the end of the season. Regular watering is also essential, with your lawn ideally getting one to two inches of water each week.

A man trimming shrubs.

Prune and Trim Your Shrubs and Trees

Cut back overgrown shrubbery, bushes, and trees, which can block views of your home and indicate a yard that has not been well-maintained.

A beautiful lawn and well maintained garden.

Keep Up With the Weeds

The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn that doesn’t provide the weed seeds with adequate sunlight or open space to germinate. Be sure to fertilize your lawn, and attack any weeds you do have with weed killer in the early spring and summer before they have a chance to develop deep root systems, go to seed, or reproduce.

Mulch Where Needed

Fresh mulch around trees and in flower beds can make an instant impact on the look of your lawn and your overall curb appeal. Mid-to-late spring is the best time to lay mulch and will get your home ready for a spring and summer of backyard BBQs. 

These simple tips can help relieve the stress of keeping your lawn and garden looking fresh. 

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