Ron Benjamin

Ohio Real Title Spotlight: Get to Know Ron Benjamin

February 16, 2021

A Senior Sales Representative for the Westerville office of Ohio Real Title, Ron Benjamin is responsible for growing the Central Ohio territory for real estate transactions. His daily efforts include calling on agents, builders, investors, lenders, and commercial clients, to continue to network with clients who are a good fit for ORT. 

No stranger to the title industry, Ron was an owner/partner of his own title company prior to joining ORT and worked for 18 years in the mortgage industry before that. As for what he likes most about working at ORT, Ron appreciates, “that the company does allow you to focus on personal life and career at the same time.”

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Ron about his work, as well as how he spends his time away from Ohio Real Title.

Ron Benjamin

Fast Facts About Ron Benjamin

What personal qualities do you have that help you to be successful in your role at ORT? 

I think my personality in general. I am outgoing,  eager to work with people, and I have a desire to add value to people through my work. I also work to put people in a position to succeed and give them direction if they need help with an individual transaction or their personal book of business.

How do you think Ohio Real Title is different from other title companies? 

We align ourselves based on the individual and understand that every real estate agent is unique and has their own mindset on how they want to do business. At ORT, regardless of how big or small a client is, we can add value to everyone in how they do business by helping to educate, service, and communicate. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Ohio Real Title?  

It is a combination of things. The culture of the company and the fact that ORT takes great pride in representing itself in a professional manner whether at the closing table or through the marketing of the brand. Also important to me is the fact that ORT allows me to focus on both my personal life and career at the same time, gives me flexibility in my job, and sets all of us for success by providing the proper tools and support. 

How did your role at ORT change during the pandemic? 

The industry as a whole has been affected because we are at the mercy of the limitations in place due to COVID-19. We not only have to abide by the guidelines in place for the safety of our clients but for their clients, as well as our employees and staff as well. Being accommodating is a major component of our work right now because not everyone wants to meet or to sign with all parties at the table. It has forced us to look at the end result and not just how fast we can get things done. 

Personally, my role has changed in 2020 in that I need to ensure that I am doing everything that I possibly can for my client to not only feel comfortable but to service them in a way that helps them to feel safe. 

How do you expect the changes that occurred in 2020 to impact your work in 2021, either in how you work or the industry as a whole? 

I definitely think that these changes will be around for at least the first two quarters based on what we are hearing from the CDC and state officials. We know that we cannot take anything for granted and need to continue to focus on servicing our clients’ needs from the beginning of the transaction to the end. A positive that has come out of this whole thing is that it has really allowed us to open our eyes to what our clients really need most and to focus on that. 

When you are not working, how do you like to spend your free time?  

I like to spend my time with my family, my kids, and grandkids, and I enjoy golfing and hanging out with friends.

What are you listening to?

Music has been a real staple in my life to decompress and to help keep my mind off what is going on in the world. I call myself a “mutt” when it comes to music – I like a broad range of genres, including rap, country, and classic rock. I don’t think there should be any limitations on music – it is medicine for the soul. 

What are three words that your clients and/or colleagues have used to describe you? 

Passionate, outgoing, and I hope that they think I am funny and that I make them laugh or brighten up their day. 

What are your words to live by?  

For me, it is all about my faith, my family, and my friends.

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