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Video: Why Choose Ohio Real Title?

May 3, 2019

Ohio Real Title is proud to work closely with real estate agents throughout Northeast and Central Ohio. One of our valued partners in Cleveland is the Incorvaia Team. For the past seven years, Mike Incorvaia Sr., Sylvia Incorvaia, Mike Incorvaia Jr., and their team have worked closely with our very own, Stacy Maczulis, to help them complete their real estate transactions. In the past, the Incorvaia team worked with another title company, but inconsistent service eventually forced them to explore other options, leading them to start a new partnership with Ohio Real Title.

There are many parts to a successful real estate transaction—one of which is title—so the Incorvaia Team sees the importance of aligning themselves with a company that has the necessary resources and commitment to service like Ohio Real Title. And because title services are negotiable between the buyer and seller within the framework of a real estate transaction, there is value in partnering with Ohio Real Title, who has a joint venture with at least 500 agents from all different realty companies in the Cleveland area. This eliminates or at least minimizes the need for back and forth on this piece of the transaction.

The Incorvaias recently sat down with us to further discuss why Ohio Real Title has been a trusted partner for the past seven years, and will continue to be for many years to come.

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